Monday, March 5, 2012


Hey fam. I've been going through a rather unpleasant experience for sometime now and the reality of the situation didn't quite hit me so strongly until some days back. I feel a little withdrawn to do the next episode on the series and so I simply dug into my archives and brought out this poem. I hope you love it. Enjoy.


You may always have me to miss

And we may never always kiss

But it will always be okay

Cos I’m just a phone call away

All you got to do is dial

And hold on a short while

So you can get a connection

And we can start our conversation

Try not to dial the wrong number

Or you might be calling a plumber

Then we’ll never have this call

And your words won’t pass the wall

When our phone lines get connected

We’ll both get so excited

We might be lost for words

You might even stare at the birds

I’ll tell you how I miss your lips

And how I love your sexy hips

I’ll tease you to so much laughter

And make you smile thereafter

I’ll tell you how much I miss you

And you’ll know it’s really true

I’ll tell you I’ll be with you soon

By May ending or early June

Hopefully we’ll talk for long

Especially if the network is strong

Hope you’ll have a charged phone battery

So I could tell my lottery story

The line might get disconnected

Network failure should be expected

Then you might have to try again

And I hope it won’t be in vain

I really don’t like being out here alone

And having to talk to you only on phone

You know I’m doing this just for us

I’ll soon walk through your front doors

Till then I’ll love you, my angel

And treasure you above every jewel

If you ever have anything to say

Remember I’m just a phone call away

THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES would continue in the next post! Thanks.