Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I recently came across this picture on Twitter and it took a little while for it to sink in. Now, before you begin to consider me ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb’, try assuming that my brain is a little too advanced to process seemingly simple things like that. Lol. Anyways, after a little consideration, the import of the response of the little dog hit me. Most of us have at one time or the other been bitten by the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ bug and we’ve found ourselves making decisions on the things we intend to begin to do or cease to do, the things we want to do some more or cut down on, the people we want to begin to talk to or not talk to anymore etc. The list goes on and on. In fact, many of us actually go on and list it out in a ‘To do’ list format like our dog in the picture noted. I did this a lot, even until a few years ago and I know a lot of people who still do.

Now, I have nothing against New Year Resolutions but I’ve often wondered about two scenarios. First, why do these resolutions they have to be made or proposed to become effected at the beginning of the year. Do you really have to wait till the beginning of a New Year to make that decision to stop drinking, smoking, begin to do your laundry yourself, cut down on fatty and junk foods, go out some more, attend church services more consistently etc. As the saying goes, ‘what you have to do, do quick’ or ‘Make hay while the sun shines’. You don’t have to put off till January 1st what you could have done in the previous year’s August, November or December. The next point has more to do with the picture above. The funny thing about these resolutions is that a large chunk of them actually get broken within the first few days, weeks or at best within the first few months of the New Year. Believe me, most of mine in the past hardly last till February and that was one of the reasons I got tired of making them. I just decide I will do this or won’t do that anymore regardless of whenever the period is and usually, it’s not even at the beginning of the year. Sometimes, it works and sometimes it doesn’t. My conclusion is, it’s all a part of being human! Yeah, lame excuse, thank you!

So, before I forget, let me say ‘Happy New Year’ to you all. Yeah I know it’s belated but technically, we are still in the first week of the year so abegi!  May this year bring you unprecedented blessings and goodwill in all your endeavours and compared with all previous years you’ve experienced, may 2013 stand out significantly as the best year ever for you. AMEN.

I know it’s the beginning of the year and all that but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a favour so here it is. Last year May, I completed my first book, editing and all (done by our own special Atilola) around and had hoped to publish (resolution?) before the end of the year but somehow I couldn’t get to doing that. I hope to do that this time around (Okay! Yes, resolution! lol). The book has/had a title but somehow, lately I haven’t been feeling it so I’m kinda hoping y’all would lend a helping hand here. *In Dettol ad voice* After all, If you guys don’t help, who will? I’m going to drop the synopsis. So here it is:


The setting of the story is mainly in two Nigerian cities, Port Harcourt and Lagos. The central characters are united through the similarities they share in being haunted by past experiences that have shaped their outlooks on life and love. They thus find themselves unconsciously restricted from taking plunges in the present as they remain stranded in the emotional wastelands of their past. It is a book with diverse and multifaceted characters.

When Isioma Nwokocha, daughter and heir of late Chief Timothy Nwokocha finds out two weeks to her wedding that her fiancé and her aunt are having an affair, she is devastated and attempts suicide. She is rescued in the nick of time by Bright Davies, her laundryman. Bright proves to be a strong pillar of support for her and to her greatest surprise, Isioma soon finds herself falling for him. However, unable to shake off a bitter experience from his past, Bright is wary of allowing himself get attached especially because he believes such a relationship could never last due to the barriers class and fortune had placed between them. In spite of the challenges posed by the differences in social status and the outright disapproval of her best friend, Tracy Okonji who believes she is about to make a similar mistake by falling for another gold digger, Isioma persists in her resolve to make the relationship with Bright work. Eventually, the walls around Bright’s heart crumble and just as things begin to look up for him and Isioma, a careless bet he had made with one of the household staff surfaces and nearly ruins his relationship with Isioma permanently.

Daniel Mac-Olubi is the Editor-in-Chief at one of the nation’s most prominent publishing houses. Almost a decade after the death of the mother of his son and only woman he ever loved, he is unable to bring himself to love any other woman, having resolved to devote all his love and care to his son, Timmy.  Sandra Aikhomu is haunted by the memory of a traumatic experience at the hands of the first and only man she ever loved; an experience that nearly took her life and had her confined to a Psychiatric home for almost two years. Years later, by a strange twist of fate, she finds herself working under Daniel Mac-Olubi, a notorious boy from her secondary school days whom she had always hated with a passion. In spite of their initial aversion for each other, they soon develop an attraction that begins to blossom until Timmy, Daniel’s young son proves to be a major obstacle.

Kayode Jacobs is best friends with DanielMac-Olubi. He is married to Halimah, a top fashion designer and career-focused woman who is so devoted to her job that she makes no time for her marriage much to her husband’s chagrin. Eventually, their marriage crashes and Kayode, renowned for his ability to fix other people’s problems finds himself on the other side of the coin.

And that’s it. So, I’ll be glad to have your suggestions for a SUITABLE TITLE plus your feedbacks on what you think about the story. Is it something you think sounds good? Would you buy/read such a book? Does it sound stupid (he he)? Does it sound Nollywood-ish (I kinda think so and I sooooo hate Nollywood!)? etc. I’m counting on you guys. Thanks a lot.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Bright knocked on the bedroom door one more time. There was still no response. He shrugged indifferently and turned the knob. This wouldn’t be the first time he would be entering Madams room. He still remained baffled about his bosss carefree nature as regards her personal items. Miss Nwokocha did not see anything wrong in her laundryman coming into her bedroom to pick her laundry. He recalled the first time she had sent for him to come up to her bedroom, and how scared he had been to venture into the room. Ngozi had led him all the way up, past the suite, and as they moved on, he began to wonder where the housekeeper was taking him.
     “Where are we going?” He had asked curiously.
     “Madams room,” the housekeeper had answered indifferently.
     “But . . .” he had begun, but Ngozi had assured him that the boss was a very free person and had no qualms about her staff coming into her suite or any of its rooms so long as they were not doing anything wrong in it. Bright himself had confirmed this fact in the last few weeks. Miss Nwokocha was so trusting of her household staff and had never had any reason to query any of them over the loss of any of her belongings. At last, they had gotten to the bedroom door and Ngozi had left as soon as she led him to the door. Bright had stood there in confusion, wondering what next to do. The door was ajar.
     “Madam, you sent for me,” he had said, standing at the door.
     “Come in, please,” she had answered.
He had hesitated for a second, wondering if it was really okay for him to go into his boss’ bedroom. At last, he had gone in, and in a most polite manner, she had pointed out her laundry basket and showed him how she wanted her clothes to be taken care of.
     “You can always come in here to pick my laundry, in case Im not around. My door is always open,” she had said at last, leaving him to wonder if she was serious. She seemed so different from most rich people he knew.

He wondered where she could be as he entered the room. He marvelled, as he always did, at the massiveness of the room. The bedroom was larger than three of the rooms in the staff quarters put together. He took in his boss admirable taste and fashion. Her bed was neatly covered with an expensive duvet made from what looked like sheepskin. Her huge wardrobe was closed, but he could bet it was filled with expensive clothes, many which she had probably never worn or would never wear. The dressing mirror was positioned just by the bed and various expensive perfumes and cosmetics adorned the space. He recalled he had not noticed her in the living room when he walked into the suite. Perhaps, she was by the pool relaxing, but doubted the possibility. It was barely 8.00 a.m. on a Saturday; it was unlikely that she would be at the pool that early. 

He spotted the laundry basket and began stuffing the clothes in it into his large bath, whistling a popular tune to himself and as he did. He suddenly heard a sound that made him jump. It had emanated from the bathroom. Immediately, he realised his boss had been in the bathroom all the while. Why had he not thought of that before? Bright hurriedly picked up the bath, hoping to exit the room before she entered. As he turned, the bathroom door opened and she emerged, singing to herself, her white bath towel carelessly tied around her slim body. Isioma lifted her hands and screamed in fright as she suddenly noticed the person in the room causing her towel to drop off her body to the floor. Bright stared in shock at the stark nakedness before him, and fixed his eyes on the sight for a split second before quickly looking away.    
     “I’m . . . Im sorry ma . . . madam,” he muttered as he avoided the sight and headed for the door. “I did not know you were in the bathroom.”
     “Just leave, please. Leave.” Isioma managed as she hurriedly picked the towel and wrapped it firmly around her body. Bright, now at the door, fidgeted with the knob in obvious confusion.
     “Im sorry madam,” he said again, still looking away from her.
     “Please, get out at once!” Isioma screamed angrily.

Bright left the bedroom dejectedly shutting the door behind him. Isioma sat on the bed and shut her eyes. She rubbed her head furiously. What in Gods name just happened? Had her laundryman just seen her stark naked? What had he . . . ? She sighed and got off the bed to get dressed. She had to catch ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Mnet Series.

So that’s a sneak preview for y’all. Let me know what you think and pleaseeeeee, don’t forget the title suggestions based on the synopsis. Thanks a bunch, folks!

THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES would continue in the next post. Meanwhile enjoy this BLAST FROM THE PAST-post that’s kinda related to the resolutions thingy. Click HERE to read Episode 35: Resolutions. See you soon! Happy New Year once again!