Friday, February 13, 2009


This is gonna be one very long post. I hope you have the patience. Patience is a strong virtue, remember and if you’ve got it then you’re closer to God than many others. I shall be doing a lot of stuff on this one. First, I’ll be doing my tags – the ‘Question and Answer’ tag from Buttercup and then another tag, the much dreaded ‘2 truths, 1 lie meme.’ I got this one from Enkay. Big ups sis. How’s ‘Blogtopia’ treating you? I’ll also be talking about the latest event – Valentine’s Day. Then I still got to do the regular Geebee’s trip episode. I’ll be doing Episode 9 - A BOY CALLED SIMON. On second thought, I think it’d be better I defer this episode till later so I could get your feel on the tags first. Sorry for any disappointments for those looking forward to the episodes but you can be sure I’ll do the thing as soon as possible. So, let’s go straight to the tags.


Q & A.

where is your cell phone? Pocket.

where is your significant other? Nigeria

your hair color? Black

your mother? Supermum

your father? Indescribable

your favorite thing? Wristwatches

your dream last night? Didn’t

your dream/goal? Fulfilment

the room you're in? Office

your hobby? Writing

where do you want to be in 6 years? Eldorado

where were you last night? Home

what you're not? Pretender

one of your wish list items? Yacht

where you grew up? Lagos

the last thing you did? Sneezed

what are you wearing? Shirt

your tv? Off

your pet? Cleopatra

your computer? Compaq

your mood? Excited

missing someone? Sure

your car? Footwagen

something you're not wearing? Underpants

favorite store? None

your summer? Refreshing

love someone? Yeah

your favorite color? Black

when is the last time you laughed? Now

last time you cried? 2008

are you a b*tch? Nah

favorite past time? Shoesalesman

are you a hater or a lover? Both

are you genuine or fake? Genuine

any vices? Numerous

pro life or wire hanger? Life

mccain or obama? Obama

pro plastic or natural? Natural

dream job? President


1. All Answers To Each Question Must Be In ‘ONE WORD.’ Funny enough, my ‘tagger’, Buttercup broke that rule so badly. lol. Not that I blame her though. I wonder how those who made the rule would expect one to answer questions that ordinarily require detailed answers in just one word. Anyways I tried my best not to break that rule even though I wish I could be as explicit as possible in my answers.

2. Link the person who tagged you (I’ve already done that!) and pass the tag along to seven people. I’m passing this to:

- Enkay
- Shona
- wellsbaba
- Femi b
- Tommeh
- Emeka Amakeze
- Iwalewa

I seriously hoped none of them have gotten this particular tag though. It’s pretty difficult to keep tabs on those who have been tagged or not these days.

As noted earlier, I got this one from Enkay. I must say I am not a very good liar. Somehow, I always get caught and I won’t be surprised if I get caught on this one by all o’ y’all. So, let’s see how smart you guys are: Here are three statements of which two are true and one is a lie.

1. I once slept with a mother of five.

2. I once broke up with my girlfriend because I didn’t want to spend money on Valentine’s Day.

3. I made the first journey in life in a ship.

So, there you go. Sounds pretty easy, right? Like I said before, moi ain’t no good liar. Let me have your feel on this.

That’s that for the tags. Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day, the event that has almost become more popular than Christmas in recent times. The D-day is not just around the corner. It is actually right at your front door and staring you in the face. I wouldn’t be surprised if Naija people soon begin to push for a declaration of February 14 as a public holiday. I remember in Obasanjo’s era, we usually had like twenty-something public holidays every year and I wonder why the man did not simply declare February 14 as one of the holidays since he seemed to love declaring holidays so much. Well, this year’s Valentine’s Day is very much different, especially because it falls on a Saturday. I remember the last time Val’s day fell on a Saturday was in 2004 and that was when I had my first and most irritating Valentine’s Day especially because I had to mark the day with a girl I wasn’t too comfortable with at the time. Well, well, past tense, they say. However, that event kindled in me a desire. I decided I would like to get married on a Valentine’s Day and since weddings are usually fixed on Saturdays, I had to decide between February 14, 2009 or February 14, 2015 (that’s the next Saturday Val’s day) and the latter seems to be the best choice at the moment. I’ll be about 29 then so what the hell? Perfect timing. My daughter would be about eight and she’d most definitely make a perfect little bride especially if I’ll be getting married to her mom. I really hope so but one hurdle remains . . . Can my babymama wait? You know that thing women say about age catching up with them fast and stuff like that. There’s a whole lot behind this story and I hope to share most of it in future episodes of Geebee’s Trip. Anyways, I’ve not had such pressing discussions yet with her and I really wouldn’t want to bug myself with such thoughts now. Come to think of it, 2015 is really not far away. Now, did someone say I’m selfish? Hmmm, please don’t judge me if you don’t know me (Tupac’s lines. How e take talk am sef?).

So long for Valentine’s Day. At the moment, I still have no definite plans except that I’ll have fun tomorrow and I’ll be with just one girl – My babymama (who else?). As for those of you who are single-and-desperately-searching, just assume you have the Lord Jesus Christ as your val for this year and hopefully, he’ll provide you with someone you can truly love by this time next year. For those who decided to break up with their girlfriends or boyfriends just when February 14 was around the corner for ‘reasons best known to them’, na wa for una o.Who says love is not sweet. Even D’banj, the crazy kokomaster and woman wrapper had to confess ‘You don make me fall in love.’ Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine celebration. Hope you guys are gonna let me know how it went. GEEBEE’S TRIP WILL BE BACK SHORTLY.