Thursday, May 29, 2008

Demo-crazy? A crazy demonstration or a demonstration of craziness?

"Demo-crazy." A new word? Sounds familiar? Spelling error? A joke? Whatever you think, that's what I've spelt and you bet I know what I'm talking about. Imagine seeing the word for the first time, I bet any normal human being will assume it's just a unification of the terms 'demonstration' (demo) and crazy, thus implying a demonstration of 'craziness' or a crazy demonstration as you might want to also put it. Again, I'm forced to go down memory lane to the words of one of the greatest Afrobeat kings ever to come out of this part of the world - Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Funny enough, he coined the word you see up there. Yes I'm a 100 percent sure. Anyone who dares lay claim to coining that word should stand out and watch someone slize his tongue off. Yeah, the afrobeat legend used that word in one of his evergreen songs when he talked about the kind of democracy we operate here in Nigeria, and if you care to know, he did this song far back in the early 80s.
Why is this blogger doing all this? you might want to ask and I'll think you funny for daring to ask such a question, especially if you are a Nigerian. Check your calendar. Today is 29th of May, the so-called democracy day. Infact, everyone's sitting back at home here in Nigeria tday celebrating what we call 'democracy' but let's look at this properly. Is what is in operation here really democracy? 'Democracy' according to Abraham Lincoln is a government for the people, by the people and for the people but what's happening over here? Do you think Fela was right just back then? I think he was right then and today he can still be proven right. What we have here ain't no democracy. It's just a demonstration of craziness. Everybody's crazy. . . both the leaders and the followers. Ma'er of fact, I think we're all crazy over here to be celebrating at this time when things are going crazier by the day. Now, don't you think you're crazy as well?