Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just beating about/around the bush

Hey peoples! What? Peoples? Is that English? Of course it is. Now, before you begin to chide and chastise me about the incorrectness of my language usage, let me clarify. 'Hey people.' Now, that sounds better, doesn't it? Fine, that's what you think but I wanna believe we should be able to accomodate some new words these days, incorrect as they might sound. Left to me, 'peoples' sounds better in this context than 'people' cos to me, 'people' implies just a number of people (tautology, uh?) while 'peoples' relates to the whole world, if you'd excuse me. Yeah, I'm talking to the whole world. All o' y'all! Wao, who do I feel like right now? Obama? Hmm, talking about that guy, I don't know if there's anybody I admire at the moment like I do this black guy. Stale news now though, I bet you probably heard one million people tell you they love Barrack Obama. What? You don't know Barrack Obama? Oh boy, you definitely have not been in this world for sometime now. Well, just incase you don't know who he is (Really, some people don't know. My grandma doesn't at least!), he is the democratic candidate running for president of the United States of America. That's really not the news, okay. The news is that he broke two major records. One, he is the first African-American (some would say black American) ever to win the nomination of such a notable party in the US and two, he was a junior Senator, i.e. he's just a first term Senator, unlike his former arch-rival now turned ally, Hillary Clinton who is a veteran who's been around the political scene for at least fifteen years! Wao, ain't this guy one big time record breaker. Now, you see why I love him and I'll bet you do too. I could imagine the two of 'em, Obama and Clinton pairing up for the race. I bet they'd sweep the whole of the U.S and give us the first ever black American president. But still, i've got a major fear. Wanna know? Remember Lincoln? Remember Kennedy? America is one crazy country, you know. Well, I ain't gonna say more. Now, why am I talking about stuff you probably already know about. Got news for you - Bad news! I lost my mobile phone on Thursday and I'm still yet to get over the shock. Anyway, I retrieved my number but I wish I could retrieve all my contacts and messages. Hmmm, the pitiable Nigerian factor. Anyway, I'd welcome donations from you kind-hearted folks out there. Tell you sincerely, that phone cost me a fortune. What else is new? Yeah, sports! EURO 2008 finals. Germany vs Spain. Who're you with? I'm with Spain, people! I owe it to my homeboy, Cesc Fabregas (ain't that Arsenal guy one wonderkid?) and infact I'm betting on it. I hope I win the bet so i could get my phone back. hahaha. So long folks. You enjoy the rest of the weekend. Talk to you later!