Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ballack . . . What in the world happened?

So, what happened? Yeah, Spain won, didn't they? And that means a whole lot of things to me, not because I'm Spanish (you sure damn well know I ain't) or because I hope to go to Spain someday (when I save enough cash or meet some nice Spanish babe online). For no smart reason at all (maybe because of Cesc Fabregas), I just picked Spain and truly they won. Oh, my bet? Well I won the bet, but too bad, I didn't get any money from it because the guy I bet with claimed we didn't have a 'mutual agreement' and bla bla bla. . . you know all that stuff. . . the usual losers' defence tale. Well, finally the so-called under achievers shamed the big time achievers, Germany and oh my, you needed to have seen Michael Ballack's face as he watched the young 'under achievers' claim the European trophy. I hate that guy for so many reasons, especially because he plays for a team I detest the most - Chelsea! Yeah, I hate Chelsea. All Arsenal fans do and I bet they hate us that muych as well. Bring it on, Chelsea fans! It's a challenge. Come on, come and fight! I can imagine how frustrated Ballack feels right now. Imagine losing out four trophies in one year - The English Premiership, The Champions League, The Carling Cup and finally The European Cup. All this after playing in three finals! Wao, what a loser! Well well, what else do we talk about today? Nothing. Ma'er of fact, I can't think straight right now for reasons best known to me. By the way, I got me a new phone. How? You know the deal. Money comes when you least expect it. Believe me y'all. See you guys soon.