Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finally . . .

Wow, it's been a while I guess. Two weeks or thereabout. Thank God, July's almost over and thank God the year's almost over as well. You don't believe me? Which's closer to December? July or January? Now you see what I mean. Yeah, I almost forgot. TY's birthday and mine. How'd it go? I could only use one word to express. . .BOMB! It was, I tell you and I still got some goodies (did you see the cakes there?) to share if y'all care to ask for it. The party was actually an indoor thing and a coupl 'a friends and some old faces were there to cheer my one year old daughter up. Funny enough, nobody even paid me any attention. TY stole our show! Anyway, it was her day (20th July) and mine was two days earlier. But man, she was as stubborn as hell on that day and it was almost impossible to take pictures! Well we did manage to take some (about 60) and I thought it would be crazy to put all 60 here. Probably the management of 'blogger' would have sued me or something. Anyways, it's all over now and I'm back to my normal life. I miss my baby though. Just incase I never mentioned it, she's with her mum (Sarah - she's in one of the pictures below) who's also chilling with my mum for sometime.

The week's been pretty boring. Been raining since Monday and everywhere feels like sh*t. All wet and irritating . . . Lagos! Sarah called me yesterday and told me she just quit breastfeeding TY (yeah, it's healthy for babies to breastfeed for at least a year! Hahaha) and she's been going through some kind of pain I don't understand. Maybe the breastfeeding mums or ex breastfeeders could explain it better. TY's also been driving everyone nuts ever since then. T'appears baby gurl would love to breastfeed for ever if she could. lol. Probably she misses Daddy. Whatcha think?