Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2 days to go . . . 67 years too!

Today's July 16th, precisely two days to my big day . . . my birthday. What's new? Nothing save that I've kinda been having funny imaginations like how I would feel in another sixty seven years. Yeah, in precisely sixty seven years and two days time, I would turn ninety. Ninety! Oh, that's pretty far and somehow I can't help wondering how Modiba (South Africa's Mandela) made it that far! That dude's one pretty strong dude. I'm sure Obinwanne (big ups bro!) would be able to tell me more about this man since that's his idol. NInety! I can't help repeating the word, the age I mean. Anyway, let's keep planning for my birthday, and TY's of course. I guess we'll just do a joint thing. Talking of TY getting to Mandela's age, she's got about eighty nine years. Wao. At least I'm somewhere closer, don't you think? Take care y'all.