Friday, August 8, 2008

08-08-08. . . Another jinxed triple?

Hi. Yeah, that was brief, I know. I've got news. Good news and then Bad news and then Bad news! Let's begin with the good news. I got a job. Yeah a J-O-B! I just got employed in a new oil and gas firm here in Lagos called HEVI ENERGY RESOURCES LIMITED. Yeah, yeah, 'oil and gas' did I hear you say? That's where all the Nigerian money is right? I bet you probably think I've got a six-figure income attached to my new status now, right? That's where I give you the first bad news. No! I was shell-shocked. I'm expected to be on training for another six months (without pay) and get fully orientated into the activities of the firm.
"Mr. Gbenga, as you know," I remember the Head of Personnel saying, as I went through my confirmation letter. "HEVI ENERGY is a new organisation and we believe we are giving you an opportunity to rise with the firm. You are indeed lucky, you know."
Lucky, my ass! I thought but didn't show or say it. How the hell was I expected to work without pay for six months? Anyway, let's see how it goes.
I had received the call on Tuesday after I had almost forgotten I ever dropped a resume or had a sort of shady interview. I was asked to report at the office and there and then, I was handed an identity card. I looked at the thing and I had to smile as I remembered the passport photograph I had submitted along with my resume. Here I was looking all suited up and clean like a stash of dollars! My designation was as a SALES EXECUTIVE! Now, what does that mean? Sales Executive? I hope I can handle the responsibilities that come with it. I guess this company were out to clear any doubts I had and indeed they did when they gave me the password to the new email address they had created for me- . At that moment, I believed indeed that this was for real. But my mind was playing at that moment. I had submitted a resume with my qualification spelt out as B.Sc. Economics (in view). Had they missed that? What was I supposed to do when my school reopened for my final session in the University? Really, I had not believed they would even consider me. I guess when we get to that bridge, we'll cross it.

Bad news number two. It begins with a question. What's this crazy stuff I hear about days with 'triple digits' (as I choose to call them) being jinxed? I woke up this morning to hear that today's 8th of August 2008. So what the hell? I thought, only to think further and realise that I had just being opportuned to witness another triple digit day, infact the only one anyone's ever going to see in this century. The triple digit - 08-08-08. How else did you spell it on your writing pad? I've never been a fan of the triple days. Infact, I took notice of this trend for the first time about two years ago, on 6th of June 2006 (06-06-06) and oh my, you needed to have seen the way people were practically going beserk talking about the end of the world, the so-called mark of the beast and a whole lot of stuff. I must confess I had to stay a little sober on that day though. Then came that of 2007, the 7th of July 2007 (07-07-07) and everyone was like hmmm, the lucky 7s and stuff like that. Some people even called it jinxed and claimed a whole lot of evil stuff was gonna happen just like they claimed about a year and a month before. Now, did any evil stuff happen? None that I know of. I remember it was a Saturday and I was at the cinemas to watch a new movie (I don't think I remember the name now). Now, we've got another triple and I'm beginning to wonder if there's really any sense at all in this bizzare reasoning. Well, I could say I have a reason to ponder on this with the unfortunate events that seemed to unfold today. First and foremost, it rained like hell and messed up the whole day for me. I practically stayed in the whole day. Believe me, if you were in my part of Lagos, you'd probably think the world's gonna end or something. Ma'er of fact, as I write this, it's still raining. Can you beat that? The real bad news is that I couldn't report to work today and I'm actually supposed to resume work today - Friday! Why not Monday, I had wondered. Truth is I totally forgot (I'm crazy, right? I think so too). By the time I remembered (at about 7.30am), it was pretty late and the downpour was something else and somehow I couldn't imagine getting out of my house and getting all soaking wet on my first day at work! Besides, even if I had wanted to go, I had nothing good to put on. My shirts were not ironed and I had no access to electricity yesternight. Besides, the generator decided to mess up at the wrong time! So many excuses right? Now, let's hope I've not just gotten myself fired! Now I'm asking myself, how bad can a day get? To crown it up, my brother called me about an hour ago to tell me his car had suddenly developed some problems since morning and as at now, the automobile's still with the mechanic. I'd better not tell you how much it's gonna cost him. You'll scream if I did! Now this is a car that had no problems at all nor gave any problematic signs previously. How bad can a day get? I ask again.

On a lighter note, have you been watching the Olympics? Well, I really haven't but I watched the two football matches Nigeria played, both in the female and male category and I could only sigh. Soccer is dead in this country! That's a fact! I hope the teams Nigeria's fielding can prove me wrong though.