Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Embers are here!

Now at first sight and at first thought, one would wonder if the Embers are a group of people; probably a family. They could probably be a bunch'a gay guys or some broke ass dummies trying to make some cool cash. Better still, the Embers could be distant cousins I've been expecting for a while and who've gotten me excited on their arrival. Well fellows, as some smart folks might have now figured out, the Embers are no humans. They are not my cousins and they sure ain't gay! The Embers are what I (and so many other people) call the last quarter of every year. Talk about SeptEMBER, OctoBER, NovEMBER and DecEMBER. Yeah I know October's sort of different but shall we just ignore that for now . . . Thank You! Truth is I'm quite glad that we're in the fourth and final quarter of this year and it feels pretty cool to know that 2008's gradually moving into the archives of the past. Soon, we'll say 'I did so and so in 2008 etc.' Let's hope the good Lord keeps us all alive. Sad to think that not all who are alive at this time would still be around in the near future . . . you know how it is. Death comes when you least expect and did I tell you that he (Death's personified as one bad guy. No doubt he's a he) is no respecter of persons. Now I don't wanna be the one to get picked and I hope you're not!

Now what's up with the grim shit. No one's gonna die, at least not for a long while, say sixty seven years from now or so (for me). Don't ask me how I know. Like Idi Amin, it was all revealed to me in a dream, so you can rest assured, aight.

Been a while I guess. The last time I was in this parts, I remember talking about my new job, the Olympics etc. Funny to note that all that's long gone now. Yeah I've settled into my new job and . . . hey, no I didn't get fired like I thought I would. Remember how i missed my first day due to the jinxed triple (08-08-08)? Ma'er of fact, I kinda misunderstood a lot of stuff about my new job at HEVI ENERGY RESOURCES LTD. I must confess it feels pretty good working especially cos of the ease with which I work. I don't get to go to the office and sit eight hours doing God-knows-what. I'm a Sales executive, remember, and that means all I get to do is meet prospective clients and woo them to make my company their choice. So far, have I been successful? Hmm. sorta. The big bucks are yet to come though. On the six month no-salary thing, it wasn't as bad as I put it. Sorry for the confusion. Guess I was kinda shocked myself and so started spitting fire and brimstone. Yes, I'm still not on full salary for the mean time but I get bonuses and pecks that make me smile if I must say. Plus, I get to work at my own pace and convenience - at least for another five months, right? Maybe by then we'll see what the management would pull off. I'm to resume lectures in another three weeks and I'm still yet to decide how I'm gonna let them know but I don't think it's gonna be much of a problem. I work with a couple of 'softies.' Don't tell them I said so, okay.

So much has happened in the past few weeks. Olympics are over. Nigeria made me laugh. What a shame! Not even one gold medal! All the same, I was impressed with the Dream team. They did a good job. Forget that Argentina beat them in the final. Did you ever think they were going to beat Argentina? Come on! We're talking about Lionel Messi, Riquelme, Javier Mascherano and a coupl'a hitmen here. Anyways, let's give them a hand. Dem try, abeg! The English Premiership has also started and it's Week 4 now. I'm still with Arsenal and still wondering if Arsene Wenger's not gambling with my heart yet again. Let's wait and see.

TY's doing great and I miss her so much. Saw her last about four weeks ago and I tell you her development's rapid. She's getting more mature and older by the day and I can't help wondering why I almost killed myself when I'd just discovered my girlfriend was pregnant. Somehow, the whole story's played out well. I hope I have the time to share the full story someday soon. Take care now. See y'all later.