Monday, October 20, 2008

A new chapter . . . getting very personal.

Recently a friend of mine got married. Well I won't exactly call him a friend cos I got my invite via text message from him about six days to his wedding and here's how it went -

"Hey Geebee man what's going on? My wedding is on Saturday and I'll like you to be there. Please spread the word. Sorry for the late info but been trying to reach you endlessly all to no avail. thanks. God bless you."

Now, that's supposed to sound convincing, right? Especially when I've got two working mobile phones and receive calls quite normally. Well, that's that. That's not what i'm here to talk about. What I'll love to talk about is why did he get married so soon? I have known Don (not his real name. I don't want problems, please!) and his new wife ever since I got into University and give it to them, they've been one of the most serious couples I've ever met. But they didn't seem like guys who'd settle down so soon. Now, some people are guessing that Diana (not her real name too) is pregnant and somehow, the parents of the couple didn't want a 'stigma,' you know the baby-before-wedlock kind of stigma. And what did they do? They rushed up a marriage within weeks or months! Just some people's views now. They might be wrong, especially if Diana turns out not to be pregnant yet as some people think. For chrissakes, I didn't even notice a protuding tummy on the wedding day. Whatever! My point here's just that I don't see any reason for rushing into marriage just because your girl's pregnant. Forget all that old-school fable about a baby being born into matrimony being the only right action. Babies are Godsent and the Lord gives them as he wishes. It might be a mistake as some may call it but every pregnancy has a purpose. Sometimes I wonder if I would have been glad to marry Sarah as soon as she got untimely pregnant. I guess I wouldn't have; not because I don't love her (I sure do) but because I wasn't and I'm still not yet ready. . . not even close to being ready! All thesame, I'm happy for Don and Diana but I sure do hope it's what both couple really wanted.

I got thinking again of recent. Why did I really start blogging? I remember I only wanted to share my life story in every way I could. If anything at all, I know I have really had an exceptional life, short as it may have been so far. I've had so many crazy experiences in my short lifetime that I sometimes doubt my age. I'm thinking of starting a new chapter on my blog. I'll begin it as a series and i'll be glad if you guys will keep dropping in and posting your comments. I bet you it's gonna be a worthwhile experience. The updates will also be somewhat regular to save some soon-to-be avid readers from choking out of expectation of subsequent episodes. You could even follow my blog to make it easier to keep up with the episodes in the series. It's gonna be a long series, you can be sure of that. I might well be on my way to becoming a new blogville idol. hahaha. Well it all depends on how you find what you'll be reading here so keep coming. I'll give you the cast of the new series in a few days. Stay tuned.