Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Weird stuff sure do happen but not as weird as some event I got wind of during the week. I got a forwarded email from a friend and it told a story of a ten year old boy who bought a pineapple by the roadside and a couple of days later (fifteen days precisely) he got sick. He was taken to the hospital and after a series of tests, he was confirmed H.I.V positive. Now, the family insisted on every member being tested and none of them was positive. On enquiry, the boy confessed he bought a pineapple and bla bla. The family members managed to trace the pineapple seller only to learn that he had cut himself prior to the boy’s purchase of the pineapple and perhaps some of the blood had gotten into the fruit. On testing, the seller was told to his shock that he was H.I.V positive. Now that leads me to the big question. CAN YOU CATCH H.I.V FROM AN INFECTED FRUIT? I laughed my ass off after reading because I didn’t believe a word of it. Besides can H.I.V be detected within two weeks of being contacted? Come on! But then, what if it is actually possible? Wonders shall never end . . . especially in a country like Naija!

Welcome to the newest series in town. I’m glad you made the first episode (not really) and that means you get to meet the cast and crew of ‘GEEBEE’S TRIP.’

THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES simply centers on the life of a young man (Me) and everything that makes him the man he is today, the good and bad attributes alike. Nobody is a judge so don’t be too hasty to judge when you come across certain barbaric stuff in the course of this series. Nonetheless feel free to drop your lines and comments. Who knows? You might be reaching someone (might not even be me) who needs such words so bad. Let’s have our cast.

- Geebee – 23 yrs (present day - 2008); that’s me, the hero of the show and maybe sometimes the villain. Depends on how you see it. I guess I’m the only one in the cast who’s had an interaction with every other member of the cast. Makes me special, right?

- Chief – My dad, 50 yrs. He used to be a banker before going on a study leave in 2002. He’s into real estate now. Resides in Lagos. This man’s one interesting and weird fellow, but he’s still my dad.

- Mum, 50 yrs, from a different world from Chief's obviously. Somehow they could not handle each other and so they parted ways when I was nine. She runs a catering business.

- Ben* – My elder brother, 26yrs; a lawyer, called to the bar in 2007. He’s a good big brother but then he’s got some of those traits too. No one’s perfect so let’s give it up for him okay.

- Steve* – 21 yrs; Currently a Youth Corper. He’s my weird little brother and my very right hand man. He’s the only one who knows some stuff about me that no one else in the family knows.

- BG* – 22yrs. My babaymama. Everything about me and her seems like an accident that is kind of turning out right.

- TY – 1 yr +; My daughter. The only one I could kill for. She’s been the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen.

- Cyan* – My dad’s ex- wife. Don’t get confused, okay. Dad’s been married twice. I’ve not seen her since she left in 2005 but she’s still part of the story.

Also Starring:
- (Simon, Sam, Lovina, Emy, Liz, Ela, Besla, S.T, U.J etc.)*

* Not their real names (for security reasons)

Like every normal series, you’ll get to see some additional cast sometimes but these should do for now. The first episode would begin shortly. For now, feel free to comment or ask anything you want to know about any of the cast and I’ll be much obliged to let you know whatever you wanna know. Stay tuned.