Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This post is a little unusual especially since it's not the conventional 'GEEBEE'S TRIP' Episode. GEEBEE'S TRIP is definitely not over. Ma'er of fact, it's hardly begun but then I want to believe it will be very much okay to digress a little and give the series a rest till 2009. Wao! did I just say 2009? Yes I did and it makes my body shiver and my heart tingle and my nuts jingle. The new year's just a week away and somehow I can't wait to touch it. The entire feeling sparks up a lot of looking back and reminiscing in my heart and the only words I can mutter are 'Thank You Lord for seeing me through 2008.' I speak this words with absolute faith that the great God that saw us all through 2008 and all the preceeding years will see us into 2009 and far beyond. Did I hear you say a big Amen. Somebody shout 'Halleluyah! (Yeah I attend the Pastor Adeboye's church too). lol.

Last Saturday, precisely the 20th of December, I was in school for a test and a most shocking news came. Billy was confirmed dead. Billy (I can't even remember his last name) was a final year student of LASU like me even though from a different department but it wouldn't be an understatement to say Billy was your typical man's man. He was one of those rare guys you can't help but like. Truth be told, we hardly related on close terms but he was definitely a guy everyone knew. Petite, smooth-talking, loveable, likeable, calm, religious, brilliant, accomodating . . . and all the other good words you can possibly remember would be the best words to describe who this Billy guy was. In fact, when LASU Lekki campus opened, he was one of the people who began the school fellowship which has grown to be so big now. He has emceed our awards on about two occassions. He has mobilised students better than anyone I know in my school and done so many other admirable things I cannot begin to mention now. Alas, on that fateful day, news reached us that Billy was dead. How did he die? We heard he was on a motorbike on his way to Victoria Island the Friday evening before and while entering a roundabout, an on-moving trailer lost two of its tyres on top speed and those tyres hit Billy's bike. Strange, right? I thought so too and I cannot still comprehend how this happened. We heard the bikeman died instantly but Billy, now unconscious was rushed to St. Nicholas Hospital. Amidst vigils and non-stop prayers made for him by his church and his loved ones, Billy gave up early on Saturday morning. Trust me, it was a festival of tears in school on that day and the day after and I bet the festival has not ended right now.

When I think about all this, I wonder 'Why Billy?' and I cannot help but sigh. Would this guy have imagined in his wildest dreams that he would not see 2008 Christmas or even year 2009 for that matter. If people like Billy could die, what about less righteous people (pardon the statement) like me and so many others. It's all by God's grace. Some would say 'Don't take okada and stuff' but how do you expect to survive in a place like Lagos if you won't take okada (motorbikes). You'll probably spend half the day in traffic then. I've had three bike accidents this year and escaped with nothing more than a scar. it could have been worse! I have seen accidents where people died like animals in 2008! I have watched my daughter almost die from teething in thesame 2008! People have lost their moms, their dads, their aunts and uncles, their friends, even some have lost their lives in this same year 2008! I have travelled at least twelve times between Lagos and Ondo State (my mum lives there) in this same 2008 and amidst all these, God has been faithful. I sometimes wonder why God has kept me alive inspite of all my shortcomings (Oh they are numerous. Much too numerous and still counting) and I get lost for words.

I am also glad for Nigeria. Things have happened in this country in 2008 that would have happened in some countries and caused a disintegration and yet we are still one united country. God's grace is indeed abundant. In this same 2008, I lost three mobile phones. the first one was gone for good and the other two got returned to me miraculously after days. I never knew such things could happen in a country like Naija or maybe I'm just God's favourite. I know I'm not alone in this. So many other people exist with similar stories like mine and sometimes we're bound to think so highly of ourselves but it's pertinent to always remember it's all by God's grace we are where we are today. Let us remember Billy's story and have a sober reflection. People who are much better than so many of us are gone today but here we are still strong. God is indeed a faithful God. Reminiscing over 2008, I must say I'm glad to be alive and I hope to write a similar piece on this page by this time next year. By God's grace, I will do thesame next year. Enjoy the best of the season and please, don't wine and dine too much o. Meanwhile, it seems everyone is out of town for the festivities. I'm out of town as well presently in Ondo State with my daughter, my babymama, my mum, my grandmum and my brothers. Chief is back in Lagos and I wish him a wonderful time this Christmas and New Year. GEEBEE'S TRIP will continue in the New Year. Thank you all for making 2008 a most wonderful year for me. See you all in 2009.