Friday, January 2, 2009


Before I start this post, let me do a little 4-line rhyme that sounds more like a prayer. Believe it or not, it works. I’ve been doing this every year since 2002 and my friends who get these messages on their mobile phones, email addresses and any other means all tell me they like the style. I guess it works for them. Mind you, it’s original, no copyright infringements allowed except with the permission of the writer (me). Lol.

In this year two-thousand-and-nine
May laughter and joy unspeakable be thine
May your days be bright and your sun continue to shine
And may the Almighty God continually keep you fine.

Hope y’all loved it and hope you said ‘Amen.’ Good. Now, to the real post.

I believe I should have done this post yesterday but somehow I could not step out of my house throughout the day. Yeah, pretty unusual you would say but that’s just what happened. It all still sounds quite funny to me. I spent half the day sleeping, thanks to the watch night service in mom’s church on 31st December. I spent the other half watching Season 4 of Prison Break and before you could say two-thousand-and-nine, it was night and there was no way I could go out anymore. Would you believe I did not even have my bath until eleven p.m or thereabout as I prepared to retire for the night? What a way to start a new year. In the past, I would have believed since I began my year that way, I would have a very ‘dirty’ year. So much for funny beliefs. By the way, I am still in Akure, Ondo State and time has been flying rather fast. I can hardly believe the holidays are over and work has got to start again. By His grace, I should be on my way back to Lagos on Sunday and back to normal life. Arrrrrrrrgh! Normal life! Normal is boring like fidodido would say but then, do we have a choice? Guess not.

I believe we have a lot to thank God for. Finally, we made it into 2009 and it’s like ‘what the hell?’ Time has begun its crazy speed again and it’s already the second day of the year. In fact, it’s far spent since it’s about 5.00pm right now. Tomorrow is 3rd and before you know what’s up, January is over, February, March . . . bla bla and then, it’s another new year. The whole scenario simply makes me want to see God and ask Him how he does these things. But then, it’s not just about the speed of time and stuff, what we should think about so strongly is about how much we have done with our time. What have you set out to achieve in time past? What were your goals in previous years? How many of such goals did you achieve? Have you procrastinated so much that it has virtually become a habit. I guess I am particularly guilty of this. I still have goals I made five years ago that still remain unattained. Why? Then I begin to highlight my excuses. Oh, they are numerous but are they actually worth it? No! Now, it’s 2009 and I’m seriously praying I achieve such goals this year and once I think, I begin to have shivers. What if I don’t achieve them again? What if I have such flimsy excuses again. It’s already three days into the year now (well, almost) and I’m so worried that the remaining three hundred and sixty two days would run so fast that by the time it’s 2010, I’ll still find myself in the same position. Then, only one thing comes to mind. I get on my knees and pray. I ask God for His grace and I believe he would grant me this grace to achieve all my goals this year. Then, something else comes up. I tell myself “After all, you’ve been asking for this grace year after year and yet, it’s still the same.” I sigh and tell myself. “It is well.”

Now, this tale may sound very much contradictory and funny but if you search yourself deeply, you might find yourself in this very situation and what have you been doing about it? Perhaps, your opinion might matter a lot and help me. Mine might help you as well. Like I said, I never ever stop asking for that grace and whenever the doubt creeps in, I tell myself, “It is well.” Perhaps that’s what has kept me going. Nonetheless, I am very sure this year is gonna be different from every other year. It is going to be the best year I ever had and every year I spend from now on will be better than the previous. Do you believe the same for yourself? Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! WELCOME TO 2009!