Monday, April 22, 2013


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I stared at Mike as if he had just told me he swallowed a frog or something. Really, it would have made more sense if that was what I heard especially considering what I thought I just heard.
"I don't understand you", I said, meaning it. If I said I understood what my best friend was telling me at that moment, I would easily pass for a big-time liar. I looked at him closely wondering if he had probably had too much to drink but the irony of it all was our order was yet to even be served. I had ordered a bottle of Martini and I definitely knew one couldn't get high on something that was yet to be tasted. In fact, at that moment, I knew I needed something stronger - Vodka perhaps.

Mike sighed. "Tony, I really don't know how to begin to explain this. It's all coming out wrong but please."
"You bet your ass it's all coming out wrong." I cut in. "In fact, you have to be the biggest clown alive to sell me that trick. It's working though." I added with a chuckle. I looked towards the bar in irritation. What the hell was wrong with these bartenders? I muttered inaudibly. It had been barely five minutes since I made my order but it felt like we had been waiting for an hour.

I got up without a word and headed towards the bar. I had barely moved when I collided with someone. In a flash I caught the contents of her tray before they spilled onto the floor. I politely steadied her touching her upper arms and muttering a quick apology. I spotted the Martini and two glasses in the tray.
"Sorry sir. Your drink?" a cute and tall girl said in a voice that reminded me of some girl I used to know. My intention when I got up from my chair had been to go and vent my anger at my delayed order but somehow, I found myself smiling. Indeed, this chic was cute but that wasn't even the issue right now, was it? Mike was! No, not Mike in fact. Mike's words were!

"Thanks  . . . Stacy" I said, as I caught her name tag hooked just above her left breast. I acknowledged again to myself that she really did look cute - my kind of girl! But then, that wasn't an issue to pursue right now.
"Please could you make it something stronger? Vodka preferably."
Stacy seemed surprised but she smiled all the same. Wow! That smile was a sight for sore eyes! I'm definitely taking this one home with me, I decided . . . as soon as I was done dealing with Mike and his impossible dreams! I returned to my table to see my best friend looking like one who had just been informed of his impending castration. The brief time-out had been worth it. I felt better, I had to admit. My head was clearer to hear whatever he had to say or had been trying to say.

"If I understand you at all, a case I really doubt anyway, you're saying you and Anita  . . . " I broke off. No way! There was no way in hell this was going to come out of my mouth.
"Tony, I'm sorry! I should have come to you first but things happened so suddenly."
"Are you crazy?" I heard myself say in a voice that didn't at all sound like mine. "Things happened suddenly? What things? Look here, don't you dare fuck with me, okay!"
Mike sighed. "Tony, the thing is I love her and I want to make her happy for as long as I live."

I looked around the crowded enclosure. The rotating disco lights and ear-splitting music pumping from the speakers fuelled my rage. I wished I could reach over and punch the living daylights out of this bastard right before me.  What the hell did Mike think he was saying?
"You love her and want to make her happy for as long as you live?" I repeated Mike's words to him. "Do you hear yourself. You sound like a freaking idiot! You want to love and make someone happy? You! Come on, cut the bullshit, okay! I'm really hanging by a thread right now and I'm trying not to lose my head."

The waiter arrived with my order and smiled as she arranged the bottle and glasses on the table. I slipped my complimentary card into her palms and returned her smile. I looked on as she walked away swaying her hips seductively. Now, that's what's up, I said to myself.
"Tony what's wrong with me being with your sister? Mike asked confidently.
I looked at him as I worked off the seal of the bottle.
"Everything, partner! Everything!" I said angrily. "You can't be with my sister. Not you, Mike!"
"You think I'm not good enough for her?" he asked, his gaze fixed on me.
"Yes! My point exactly!" I said coldly as I poured some drink into my glass. I poured some into Mike's glass as well.
I put the glass to my lips and swallowed its contents. I felt the spirit light up a fire inside me. Martini, my ass! This Vodka was a perfect choice.
"She's too good for you, Mike!" I finished and set down my glass with more force than was necessary.

My best friend was incensed and I was ready to watch him burst in flames or even drop dead - anything at all to get him away from my sister.
"That was someone's sister you just made moves on, you bastard!" Mike lashed at me.
"Who?" I asked, wondering what the hell Mike was talking about before it suddenly dawned on me. "Oh! The waiter? Come on, loser. She's just a freaking waiter, mehn! Do you know how many guys have tapped that ass or being in there? Please don't gimme that crap!"
"You're a damned hypocrite, Tony!" Mike retorted.
"What the hell are you trying to tell me here, Mike?" I blurted out. I could feel the Vodka running through my veins. My friend was yet to even touch his glass. "You sit your ass there telling me you've been seeing my sister all this while right behind my back and . . ."
"And I told you I'm sorry about that, Tony!" Mike cut in.
"To hell with your apologies!" I screamed! "You betrayed me, mehn! You stabbed me, bro! How could you?"
Mike sat speechless! I could feel tears sting in my eyes as I spoke but I didn't care. Indeed I was hurt!
"Now you sit there telling me you love Anita and you want to make her happy as long as you live! How do you plan to do that, player?"
Mike sighed. "I love Anita with all of my heart, Tony! Please, just . . ."
"You don't love her man!" I shouted and banged the table! The impact caused the glasses to topple and I had to catch the open Vodka bottle again as it almost dropped to the ground. The contents of Mike's glass splashed right on him and shattered as it hit the floor. My glass rolled off the table and shattered too. Mike looked at me and I could see the pain and hurt in his eyes. Not that it mattered anyway.
"I'm sorry man!" He said as he got up and walked away.

I sighed frustratingly and realized for the first time that many eyes were on me at that moment. Damn! I had attracted unnecessary attention. Two men approached my table and I noticed name tags on them.
"Is everything okay, sir?" The taller of the two asked politely.
"Yeah fine!" I quickly said, setting down the Vodka bottle on the table. "Just a little excitement. Sorry. It's okay, I'll pay for the damages." I reached into my trousers to get my wallet. Stacy came to join the men at my table and our eyes met but she wasn't smiling this time. I winced.

Ten minutes later, I was on the expressway heading home. I couldn't shake off the hurt and pain I felt. I thought about my sister. Why had Anita allowed this to happen? How could she betray me like this? I wondered how many times Mike had slept with her in the last three months since I introduced them. It was none of my business who my sister dated; she was 26 for chrissakes! But when it had to be my best friend, then it had become my business! There was no way I was going to let this continue. It could be anyone else but not Mike! I cared about my sister too much to let her make such a costly mistake. Mike was just like me! We didn't deserve good women! Especially not after the way we had lived our lives. I didn't care if I lost my best friend (like I hadn't lost him already). I was going to fight this with all I had.

Watch out for TO LOVE AND CHERISH Part 3.