Saturday, June 30, 2012


Hey folks,
It's been yet another looooong while. I've been tied up with so much in the past weeks that I've barely had the time to stop by on blogger, do blog rounds or write any post. I thought I'd drop this poem I wrote recently. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


Mergers and Acquisitions shouldn’t be only about companies
Banks taking over banks, the strong swallowing up the weak
Alliances being forged by organizations of rivaling strengths
Financial success and survival being the one thing they all seek

I live in a nation whose people amaze me to no end
A land where spirituality and religion enjoy an unrivalled allegiance
A territory where people hide under various religious garbs and identities
And to one supreme being, the Almighty God they pay obeisance

Religion is the opium of the people, Karl Marx rightly proposed
Unite a people under one faith and you have a people truly united
Bind them with the cord of religion and you have one people
Thus, the Medieval Empires for centuries remained undefeated

In this discourse, my nation is a peculiar one
Religion continues to take the centre stage in our affairs
The irony however, remains the backward state of the nation
I wonder if my people indeed practice the faith they profess

I thought righteousness was supposed to exalt a nation
Wasn’t a religious nation supposed to be a righteous one?
More churches, mosques and shrines spring up in their numbers
And in the epic battle between good and evil, evil has continually won

Do our places of prayer still carry the presence of God?
Or are the churches, mosques and shrines simply taking up space?
If indeed the presence of God resided in our numerous places of prayer,
Our country would indeed compete with Heaven in numerous ways

Mergers and Acquisitions are formed for specific purposes
Among others, they tackle ineffectiveness, inefficiency and lack of productivity
Perhaps, we need mergers and acquisitions in our nation’s places of prayer
Perhaps, this will usher in a visible divine presence and a renewed
trend of positivity

If all the church denominations were merged into one specific denomination
How great would such a church be?
If all the mosques or shrines were merged into one mosque or shrine
We would no doubt some progress see

Mergers and Acquisitions create a new company with one goal and direction
One church, One mosque, One shrine, with specific goals would be formidable
They would be indeed much more powerful than the political government
Their impact would be felt from the seat of power to the horses’ stable

Now imagine if the three formidable forces all merged into one
That would no doubt pave way for a new nation – a new national order
Of course that remains an impossible dream but then who knows?
I sigh as I think about religion and my nation and I can’t help but wonder.

THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES would continue in the next post (soon, I hope. *winks*)