Wednesday, April 25, 2012


When I was much younger, I believed you only grow older when you mark your birthday. Thus, when my sixth birthday was not celebrated with a party, I assumed it meant I was still five years old. It took a little while before I adjusted to the reality of the fact that not every birthday must be marked in a big way. However, in our part of the world, certain birthdays are looked upon specially. For instance, your first birthday, your third, seventh, tenth, twelfth, eighteenth, twenty-first, twenty-fifth, seventy-fifth and all the
birthday numbers in multiples of ten are usually celebrated. My brother turned thirty last month and didn’t even throw a party and I was like  . . . Really? Well, maybe I’m just being sentimental but I strongly believe in setting milestones, recording achievements and the need to celebrate or at least acknowledging the crossing of a particular landmark.

This post is very special to me because it marks the golden jubilee of ‘The Geebee Chronicles’ series. I consider it special because it is definitely different from doing fifty random blog posts. Writing a series based on 70% fact and 30% fiction could be especially difficult. I can confidently tell you that it takes a lot of courage, caution and determination to do this. I’m glad we are at this point and I can’t thank you all enough for being there. Really, what’s the point of doing a series if no one is going to read it? I really wouldn’t have loved to call names but I have to acknowledge the bloggers who’ve been a part of this series all this while.

To those who originally began this journey with me:
Aloted, Bumight, StandTall, Writefreak, Buttercup, Nefertiti, Kinshar, Solomon Sydelle, Jaguda, Wellsbaba, Rita, Uzezi, Simeone, Beauty, Original Mgbeke, Femi B, Yewande Atanda, Miss Definitely Maybe, Doug, Iwalewa, Aloofar etc. They are those I’d like to call ‘veterans’. They were my idols and made blogging practically become my life back then. Thanks for the tutelage and the love, uncles and aunties. Lol

To those who joined the series wagon along the way:
Olufunke, Myne Whitman, Qmoney, Tisha, Tommeh, Enkay, Chacha, Spicy, Danny Bagucci, Doll, Spesh, Mikey, Eddee (Where are you, bro?), BSNC, Mariaah, MPB etc. They joined the party and blended even though it was already in full swing, making me feel all the more determined to continue. You guys are awesome!

And those who joined the wagon more recently:
Atilola (my wonderful editor and close padi now. Lol), Toinlicious, Rhelow, Ibifiri Kamson, LohiO, Nafisat etc. They came in after I had taken a long hiatus and my blog was almost deserted. Lol. Still, they’ve been around. Thanks people. You guys are the best!

The list is far from exhaustive but those were the names I could recall. Of course a good number of them have jumped off the wagon and some have even quit blogging and I definitely miss them. Thanks y’all.

Lifting from Episode 24 which was a recap of the first twenty three episodes, I would again state that my motivation for starting the series was the fact that I had always wanted to do an autobiography someday and planned to start when I turned forty. However, the events that have occurred in my life since my eighteenth year have totally set me on an unplanned and unexpected course and while everyone has a story, I see mine as a pretty unique and could not resist the urge to share it. The original idea of my autobiography was to simply talk about my life and my previous forty years of existence (of course when I turned 40), achievements in the academic world and writing world among other things. Sincerely, that was the dream back then. However, life had something totally different in stock for me with experiences of all kinds – pleasant and unpleasant. Then I started blogging in 2008 as a twenty-three year old final year student of Economics in University and a father to a daughter who had just turned one.

My posts were mostly random and just straight from my heart and head. I wrote about anything – from football, family, school experiences etc. The idea of an autobiography was gradually slipping away because as it were, most of my earlier dreams were looking less likely to come true. I watched the first two seasons of Chris Rock’s ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ around that period as well and was impressed with the huge success of the comic television series where Rock gave an account of his life from 1982 when he was twelve years old. Then I thought, why not begin a literary version of my own story in the little way on this platform – blogging – and that was how the series was born. It was dated from 2003 and so far, four years have passed in the series. The last episode of the series was Episode 49 set in April 2007. Of course, like in ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, not everything you’ve been reading here is entirely true but assuredly, at least 70% of the story is true.

It has been awesome so far and sometimes I regret the breaks I had to take. Being a student then, I had examinations, final year projects and a lot of other distractions that often took my time. Then, getting out of school, job scouting, family minding and other issues also took its toll. Notwithstanding, it’s been a most rewarding experience. In the process of doing this series, I was nominated for blog awards in three categories in 2009 and one in 2010. Even though I did not win, no thanks to the ‘veterans’ I was nominated with (lol), it felt great to actually be considered for blog awards. In fact, I still include that as one of my career milestones in my official resume – Nominee, Nigeria Bloggers Award 2009 and 2010. Not bad, right? But yes, ‘Winner’ would definitely have sounded better. Well, half bread is better than none after all.

Sometime after I started, I decided I would turn the series into a book. Now, I’m thinking it would be a collection of three books. Work has begun in earnest on the first book anyway so please buy it when it drops o. Lol. Then, a television series or soap opera would definitely not be a bad idea too, so if you know anyone at MNet or other top international producers who might be interested, holla at me o! Seriously!

I have been asked on a number of occasions when the series would end. As at 2008 when it began, I thought the duration would be from 2003 till 2007 but truth is, so many events have unfolded in my life since then that I honestly don’t know when the series would end. My guess though is, it would stop on or before the year 2015 when I would turn thirty. However, I wouldn’t be able to say if it would run for that long on this blog. Lately, I’ve been itching to do some other things on this blog besides the series but not to worry; the books would tell you all you need to know. Remember, we still have about eight years (2007 – 2015) to go so you know it’s definitely far from over.

So that’s the little story behind ‘The Geebee Chronicles’ series. Hope you’ve been well acquainted so far. You can always update yourself by clicking HERE or on the ‘Series Episodes’ tab to access the full list of series episodes from start till date. I actually planned to continue the story from the last episode on this post but felt led to do something different. Mind me not; I just had to celebrate this milestone so please bear with me. Episode 51 is ready anyway and should hit you pretty soon.